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Qualicum Beach

Winter session: January 21st – March 15 Please email to see if there is space and to register:









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One On One

Jill brings a playfulness to class which helps me to relax and, in turn, allows me to go deeper into my practice. Jill always has a positive attitude, a contagious smile and an immense amount of patience.

Robi Baxter

Private Yoga Classes
Get individualized attention to address your specific needs and questions. Working one on one allows us to get curious about what is going on in your body and build you a practice that nourishes and revitalizes you.

Recommended: If you commit to a series of 4 privates ($320) I will provide for you a written sequence and enough of a foundation and inspiration to start a home practice.

Yoga + Healing Touch/Cranio Sacral Therapy
Besides the work on the mat, climb on my massage table and receive a Cranio Sacral Therapy session.
Depending on your needs and wants we can combine yoga, gentle movement, Cranio Sacral and Healing Touch.
$180 – 2 hrs

Cranio Sacral Therapy
If you are looking for a subtle form of body work and healing touch book an hour of Cranio Sacral Therapy.
Craniosacral therapy is a form of massage therapy that focuses on the skull and the spine. It was developed by an American osteopath, Dr. John Upledger.
Craniosacral therapy is used for a variety of painful conditions including headache, migraine, temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ), back pain, neck pain, general pain, fibromyalgia, and “slipped disks” in the spine. It is also used for stress, fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), spinal cord injury, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), depression, dizziness (vertigo), autism, learning disabilities, and other conditions.

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At My Studio or Your SpaceHome

Private Yoga and Small Groups

Do you have a group of friends, or your family, with whom you want to practice together?

Pick your time and day and get tailored instruction to suite your groups needs. A terrific way to start a practice or deepen an existing one. I have loads of experience teaching multi-level classes and can provide modifications and adjustments to help everyone move through a practice suited to their body.

I also offer classes to groups with special needs such as Stroke Recovery, Kids Classes, Yoga Therapy for aging and illness.
Or if you have a wedding shower, birthday party or kids club/sport that needs an event, I am happy to offer yoga to your group at your location as well.

Send me an idea of your needs and wishes and I will do my best to accommodate your group.
Base rate: $100/hr
More than 4 people + $10/person
10-15 people $150

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